About Mark Gemmell


Mark Gemmell – Livestock and Landscape Photographer

Mark studied at the Bournville School of Art at the early stage of his career, and went on to take the much sought after position of a stained glass artist, renovating antique glass design by William Morris and Burne Jones.

Photography was always a passion throughout his life, and so he decided to take the plunge and start his own business in 2013 after a lot of interest in the industry.

“The landscapes speak for themselves, sometimes dark and melancholy, with a touch of the illustrative. I try to capture not only the photograph, but also the feeling and atmosphere from where I stand.”

As for livestock, a chance enquiry after driving past a group of Highlands back in 2012 started the expanding collection.

If you are a breeder and have livestock, or are interested in pet portraiture, Mark would be very interested in a possible shoot. Please contact Mark by clicking here.